Walafiat Hospital Journal is an open-access, scientific and peer-reviewed journal published by Ibnu Sina Hospital YW-UMI twice a year in June and December (E-ISSN: 2722-9017). Walafiat Hospital Journal accepts original research, Literature Reviews, Case Reports, Scientific Lectures, Book Reviews, and Letters of Editor in English, with the term and condition that they have not been published in another journal/website. 

Wal'afiat Hospital Journal, is a scientific platform dedicated to advancing understanding and knowledge in the field of health and medical care. The journal provides a platform for researchers, medical practitioners, and healthcare professionals to share the latest research results, clinical findings, and insightful views that contribute to the development of medical science.

Wal'afiat Hospital Journal is committed to being a pioneer in providing access to relevant and high-quality cutting-edge medical information. In our endeavor to achieve this goal, we welcome scientific articles in a wide range of health disciplines, including, but not limited to, general medicine, surgery, cardiology, oncology, gynecology, and more. We also invite interdisciplinary research covering different aspects of health.

Our commitment to quality is high, and every article we publish goes through a rigorous peer review process to ensure its scientific accuracy, reliability and relevance. We believe that by supporting collaboration between healthcare professionals, we can help drive positive change in the ever-changing healthcare sector.

This journal has also become a member of CrossRef. Therefore, all articles published by this journal will have a unique DOI number.

Informasi Jurnal

Journal title : Walafiat Hospital Journal
Initials : WHJ
Abbreviation : WHJ
Frequency : 2 issues per year (June and December)
DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.33096/whj
Online ISSN : 2722-9017
Editor-in-chief : dr. Sidrah Darma, Sp.A
Publisher : Rumah Sakit Ibnu Sina, Makassar
Citation Analysis : Scopus | Sinta | Google Scholar

Call for Papers

We invite you to submit your manuscript to the Walafiat Hospital Journal. The manuscript is published in the six-monthly journal (April and October). Manuscripts submission deadlines:

Vol. 4 No.2, December 2023, submission deadline: 1 November 2023
Vol. 5 No.1, June 2024, submission deadline: 1 May 2024
Vol. 5 No.2, December 2024, submission deadline: 1 November 2024
Vol. 6 No.1, June 2025, submission deadline: 1 May 2025

Walafiat Hospital Journal received articles in a high-impact original research paper, review paper, and case study, from both the result of research and theoretical study of Ethnomathematics that have never been published anywhere.