Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope

Wal'afiat Hospital Journal is a scientific journal committed to facilitating high quality research and knowledge sharing in the field of healthcare, with a focus on the context of Hospitals in Indonesia. The journal welcomes various types of contributions, including original research articles (original articles / research papers), literature reviews, case reports, scientific lectures, book reviews, and letters to the editor, which are closely related to the medical and health world.

Areas of Focus

Our areas of focus include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

1. Clinical Research: Original research articles presenting empirical research results in various aspects of healthcare relevant to medical practice in Indonesian Hospitals.

2. Literature Review: Systematic and up-to-date reviews of important and relevant health topics for medical practitioners and researchers.

3. Case Reports: Interesting medical cases that offer valuable insights and lessons learned for the medical community.

4. Scientific Lectures: Articles that reflect the results of research given in the form of a scientific talk or presentation.

5. Book Reviews: Critical and informative reviews of health-related books that can contribute to better medical understanding.

6. Letters to the Editor: Other contributions, such as views, comments, or short statements relevant to profound health issues.


Publication Requirements

All contributions submitted to Wal'afiat Hospital Journal must be original and not previously published elsewhere. The language of submission can be either Indonesian or English.

We invite researchers, medical practitioners, and healthcare professionals to share their research results and contribute to the development of medical science as well as patient care in the Indonesian Hospital environment. Wal'afiat Hospital Journal aims to be a platform for cross-disciplinary collaborations that can result in positive changes in public health care.



Walafiat Hospital Journal menerima artikel penelitian yang original (original article / research paper) yang relevan dengan bidang kesehatan di Rumah Sakit Indonesia. Walafiat Hospital Journal juga menerima tinjauan pustaka, laporan kasus, ceramah ilmiah, book review, dan surat kepada redaksi dalam bahasa Indonesia atau Inggris, dengan syarat belum pernah dipublikasikan sebelumnya di tempat lain.